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Want to give a huge thank you, to Tomorrow's Filmmakers for making this amazing course and community. I personally, and I know quite a few others, who would not be where they are today without the help from this course. 
Buying this course was one of the best investments I have made in a very long time. Thank you so much! Its one amazing training program that gave me the answer to what I needed to confirm, that this is EXACTLY what I want to do with the rest of my life.


The First Online Film Course That Will Teach You How To Create Cinematic Videos For Only $17

If you're tired of not being able to afford that expensive film course, or if you aren't sure this is what you would like to do, look no further.  
We want to give you everything you need to know to get started in filmmaking, without breaking the bank.  No need to budget $1,000 or even $100, learn everything to get started for the price of a pizza.    

What Are You Going to Learn?

How to Run Your Camera

Learn the Essentials of Filmmaking 

  • Operations: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed
  • Equipment: Learn the Essential Equipment Needed
  • ​Cameras: What Camera To Buy to Get Started
  • Foundation: Everything you need for success

Lenses 101

Everything You Need To Know About Your Lenses

  • Zoom Lenses: All About Zoom Lenses
  • Prime Lenses: All About Prime Lenses
  • ​Focal Length: What Focal Lengths Should You Use
  • ​​Purchase: What Lenses To Buy At All Budgets


Improve The Quality of Your Projects With Audio

  • Field Recorders: Why They Are Necessary
  • Microphones: Which Microphone is Best
  • ​Mic Placement: Where is the Best Mic Placement
  • Audio Settings: Settings You MUST Know About


Learning to Create Beautiful Images 

  • Angles: The Importance of Angles in Film
  • Movement: Motion Creates "E"Motion
  • Symmetry: Using Symmetry To Your Advantage
  • Rules: Learn The Rules and How To Break Them


Our FULL Premiere Pro Editing Course 

  • Full Course: Our Full 25 Episode Editing Course
  • Watch: Follow Along As We Edit Together
  • Story: Learn To Tell a Story Through Editing
  • Exporting: How to Export Your Projects

Business 101

Starting Your Full Time Film Business 

  • Learn: The Process To Go Full Time
  • Study: From Others Who Have Gone Full Time
  • ​Demo Reel: Learn The Importance of a Demo Reel
  • Interviews: Set Up And Conduct Interviews

Job Shadow

Follow Us As We Film Together

  • Weddings: Watch Us Film a Wedding
  • Real Estate: Follow Us Film Real Estate
  • ​Photography: Learn Portrait Photography
  • Product Videos: Watch Us Make a Product Video
What's Included In The Crash Course? 

60+ Video Lessons

10+ Training Hours

All Downloads for FREE

Community Group



$100 Value!

Exclusive Facebook Community Group

  • Benefit From Other Filmmakers Just Like You
  • Learn From Others Mistakes In The Same Boat As you
  • ​​Grow In Your Filmmaking Skills From Anywhere In The World
  • ​​​Build a COMMUNITY Of Filmmakers Who Desire To Help Others

In-Depth Gear Guide

  • Learn Exactly What Equipment To Buy With Any Budget
  • Save Tons of Money By Not Making Mistakes With Your Purchases
  • ​​Save Time By Knowing Exactly What To Purchase
  • ​​​Search For The Equipment And Buy Immediately

Exclusive Digital Downloads

  • Instant Access To All Digital Downloads Provided
  • Transitions: Download Our PP Transitions Pack
  • ​​Movie Poster: Download Our Movie Poster Template For Your Projects
  • ​​​Sniper Scope:  Access To Our Sniper Scope Pack For Your Action Films
 So Let’s Break It All Down.
Here's what you're really getting for only $17
  •  Get INSTANT Access To Over 60+ Hand Picked Training Videos ($500 Value)
  • ​INSTANT Access To our FULL Premiere Pro Editing Course ($250 Value)
  •  Over 10+ Hours of Essential Filmmaking Training
  • ​ Access To Our Private Community Facebook Group ($40)
  • ​Access To Our Virtual Job Shadows of Weddings, Real Estate and More... ($50)
  •  FREE Editing Transition Pack ($30)
  • FREE Movie Poster Template ($20)
  • FREE Sniper Scope Pack For Your Action Films ($20)
  • ​ The Ability To Learn The Basics FAST!!

That's Over $900+ In Value!

What's My Investment?

  • ​60+ Training Videos
  • 10+ Hours of Training
  • FULL Premiere Pro Editing Course
  • Private Community Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Downloads 
  • ​Virtual Job Shadows
  • ​Premiere Pro Transitions Pack

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Let's Learn The Essentials of Filmmaking For The Price of a Pizza




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